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What is the difference between strawberry and victoria


Under this proud name, everyone’s favorite garden strawberry is hidden. It grows in almost every garden plot and every spring in the spring the first among the berries gives the most fragrant vitamins. Victoria sweet fragrant berry is not only tasty, but also healthy delicacy of children and adults.

The difference of strawberries and berries of Victoria

Strawberries and strawberries come from the same genus. For the consumer there is no fundamental difference in small differences, but their experts attributed to different types.

Their differences are expressed in certain characteristics:

  • Strawberry bushes are different from strawberry large sizes with a light green abundance of foliage and peduncles towering above them, while in Victoria they lie on the ground under the weight of berries.
  • Garden strawberries loves sunny areas, and her wild relative grows well in the shade.
  • Victoria (garden strawberry) refers to monoecious plants - this is when male and female flowers are arranged on the same bush. As a result of cross-pollination appear large berries. Whereas strawberry is a dioecious plant, it is when there are separately female, separately male bushes. To get a crop, it is necessary to plant them on a bed in the ratio of 1: 4.
  • Significantly different berries in size and color of the fruit: in strawberries they are small up to 5 g with a reddish-purple shade from the sun and pale pink in shading, Victoria has large fruits with a red or pink color.
  • Victoria is different high yield, due to the fruiting of all bushes. Unlike strawberries, in which only female sockets bear fruit.
Victoria has a high yield

These factors are the main reason for the fact that strawberries can be found only in the wild-growing form on the field, or at the dacha of the fan of this type of berries.

Victoria of different varieties used for industrial cultivation.

Why are they often confused

Some gardeners call strawberries large garden strawberries. This is due to their external similarity. Both belong to the Rosy family, the fragrant, fragrant strawberry family.

Strawberry is strawberry musk or muscat, garden strawberry is pineapple. Both species have the same breeding method - they are long, mustache-like shoots. Require the same care.

The history of the variety and its difference from garden strawberries

Victoria is a large-fruited strawberry variety

The Russians of the 18th century used strawberries and wild strawberries for food. Wild species, which grew in the meadows, forest edges, between shrubs in the forests. Under the tsar's orders, they began to grow it in gardens.

Europeans at this time already conducted work on the selection of new large-fruited strawberry varieties. In France, by pollination of Chilean and Virginian strawberries, a new variety was obtained, named Victoria in honor of the Queen of Britain.

At the end of the 18th century, she got into Russian gardens, becoming the first representative of large-fruited garden strawberries. Since then, brought a huge number of different varieties of strawberries. Among them are remontants who bear fruit. up to 5 times per season. But in many regions they continue to call garden berry Victoria.

Victoria is the first variety of large-fruited wild strawberries imported to Russia.

Characteristics, description and differences in composition

Strawberry, a plant with high frost resistance, has berries, fragrant with good tastes. But inferior to Victoria in the size of the berries, pallor colors, yield. The chemical composition of these berries according to the description does not differ.

The difference in the size of the berries

Both species contain mono- and disaccharides, fiber, protein fractions, acids, pectins, vitamins A, B. H, C, E, minerals, trace elements - potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and water that makes up 90% of the total mass.

Due to its composition, the berry is indicated for people with metabolic disorders, with diseases of the intestine, thyroid gland, heart, blood vessels. Berries bring invaluable benefits in the fight against viruses, chronic skin inflammation, sugar level, gallstone disease.

The content of active antioxidants stimulates the development of memory, prevents the death of brain cells. A small amount of berries eaten drive away depressionwhy and suppress fears.

Effectively applied to masks and lotions for body care.

To charge the body with energy for a year you need to eat up to 1.5 kg per day during the berry season.
Victoria is used for the manufacture of masks and creams

Differences in care

Proper care of strawberries and strawberries is almost no different, except choosing a landing site.

Strawberries can grow in the shade, Victoria prefers sunny patches. In this case, both species are pleased with abundant flowering. Only the harvest of strawberries in the harvest is small compared to the harvest of Victoria.

Growing conditions

Planting can be done 2 times per year - in spring and in the second half of summer. In order for Victoria to grow well and enjoy the harvest, she needs to create certain conditions.

For a strawberry bed, an even sunny patch of sandy sandy soil will be suitable. Planning the spring planting land to cook in the fall. For summer planting, the ground is prepared 1.5-2 months earlier.


Preparation includes:

  • Digging
  • Weed removal
  • Fertilization (wood ash, compost or humus)
  • Formation beds. It should be high when close to the surface of the groundwater, low in their absence. Shrubs sit in a straight line with an interval 25-35 cmrow spacing 50 cm

The seedlings are planted in the prepared moistened holes, it is plentifully watered, in 15-20 days additional fertilizing is done.

To protect against weeds, pests, drying out the ground around the plants is covered. It can be agrofibre, mulch film, mowed grass, straw.

The ground around the beds can be covered with dark agrofibre.

The next step is to care for the planted plants. It consists of:

  • Timely watering. Do it better once in 7 days water spraying up to the beginning of flowering with the appearance of flowers under bushes.
  • Weeding
  • Loosening
  • There should be four fertilizers: 1st in spring, 2nd during flowering, 3rd when pouring fruit, 4th after harvest.
In late autumn, to protect against freezing, it is necessary to cover the bed with a layer of mulch up to 8-10 cm.

To protect against sulfur or black rot, spotting, powdery mildew, before flowering, it is necessary to treat Victoria with a solution of potassium permanganate, copper chloroxide or 1% solution of Bordeaux liquor.

Such pests can harm the crop: strawberry mite. You can fight it only after harvest, after processing carbofos.

During the ripening of fruits for preventive purposes, infusions of dandelions or tomato leaves are used, when flowering wormwood and tobacco are used. Slugs are collected by hand. Ants are amenable only to special insecticides. When nematodes appear, only the radical method will help - the removal of diseased plants, the treatment of a bleach site.

Not unimportant when cultivating Victoria is the observance of the rule of transfer to a new place every 3-4 years.

Garden strawberries are not a capricious crop, but to get a good harvest, time will have to be spent. The plant will be grateful for this work with berries that will delight the host not only in the summer season, but in the winter with jam, jam, jelly, and freezing.