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Detailed description and characteristics of tomato persimmon varieties


Tomato persimmon combines a lot of qualities. The main ones are yield and excellent flavoring qualities. This is a relatively young type of tomato and the seeds are still rarely found in the mass market. The variety was obtained with the help of amateurs to grow tomatoes, and after experiments on various plots of land, it was entered into the Russian register in 2009. According to the characteristics and description of the tomato is suitable for cultivation, both in the greenhouse and in the open field.

Description of tomato varieties persimmon

According to the description, the tomato bush has an average height of 90 cm, but if it is planted in a greenhouse and under good conditions, growth may be up to 140 cm, while it is worth tying it up so that the tomato trunk does not break under the weight of the tomatoes growing on it.

The first berries ripen after 100 days after germination.

The type of bush is a stem determinant. Persimmon is quite a capricious type of tomato, but with proper care for the season, 5 kg are obtained from one bush. Tomatoes. It is recommended to plant at 1 m. No more than 8 seedling bushes.

These are dietary tomatoes, as they contain few different acids, but high content of carotene in the pulp of the tomato.

There is a large amount of carotene in the pulp.


Fruits after full ripening are painted in a bright yellow shade. The shape of the tomato is round, slightly squeezed from above and below. By this they resemble a persimmon, and therefore gave this name.

The average weight of the fruit, according to the characteristic, reaches a half a kilo mark. Dry matter contained in tomato in the amount of 5%.

If the tomato was planted with seedlings, its first fruits appear at the beginning of July and later fructifies before the onset of cold weather. On time, a ripped tomato has a sweet dessert taste. Over-grown berry has a sour taste.

Tomato persimmon - tomatoes generalists, from which you can cook:

  • Salads
  • Conservation.
  • Juices.
  • Lecho, original color.

If a persimmon variety with a red look is laid in a jar for preservation, then in addition to its taste, we will get a beautifully decorated jar of tomatoes for the winter.

The first fruits can be collected in early July.

Growing points

Capricious view of tomatoes, which exposed to diseases inherent in these plants and so that this does not occur, it is worth carrying out preventive spraying with harmless preparations.

How to plant

Agrotechnical methods of growing the persimmon variety:

  • First of all, seedlings are grownIn early March, tomato seeds are planted in small boxes filled with nutritious loose earth. Before sowing, sow the ground well with warm water. And after sowing seeds cover crops with a film to improve germination.
  • When the seeds are with two true leaf plates, it is worth picking and planting in separate cups.
  • In the process of growth, seedlings are fed, watered and loosened soil.
  • Before planting seedlings in the garden quenched for 10 days, and only after that they land on a cloudy day to a permanent place. If the days are sunny all the time, then they land in the evening.
  • After the plant is planted in the hole, the soil is well shed with warm water and the mulch is laid out so that the moisture is kept in the ground as long as possible.
When planting, you need to follow these rules in order to get excellent tomato harvest.
Tomato seedling persimmon is grown in early March

Step by step order of cultivation

When cultivating, there are features that should not be forgotten. Tomatoes need watering twice a week. Also, persimmon is a greenhouse plant that will produce more crops in a closed place than in open ground.

First of all, we must remember that it is grown in one trunk and all the time stepson bush.

How is pasynkovanie

In order not to damage the bush it is necessary to properly conduct the pasynkovanie. Competent - breaking out shoots growing sideways from the main shoot. These shoots can form between the leaf plate and the main stem.

The stepsons are cleaned only in dry sunny weather, since the removal of sprouts in rainy weather can lead to rotten damage of the active shoots of the bush.

The most important thing in removing the stepsons is exactly breaking out because, leaving a stump in 2 cm. after a while at this place you can see the new young stepchild.

Remove the stepsons should be once in 10 days, so that the bush does not spend on them their strength.

Removal of stepsons should be carried out once every 10 days


For better aeration, all tomatoes are tied up, since at the moment of pouring and growth of the fruits, the bush under the weight of the berries may break and the crop will die.


Watering tomatoes at least once a week, and with the onset of great heat, and twice a week. But we must remember that as soon as the fruits begin to blush en masse watering stops.

If you meet this condition, the fruit will be sugar. If, during the ripening of the fruit, it rains frequently or a lot of water, the tomatoes are fresh and watery.

When ripe it is necessary to reduce watering or even stop them.

Top dressing

Carry out in several stages:

  • First do 20 days after landing seedlings. Top dressing consists of nitrogen - 25 gr., Potassium - 15 gr., Phosphorus - 15 gr. All this is bred in 10 liters. water and watered under each bush in the amount of 500 grams.
  • Carried out at a time when the bushes begin to bloom. This feed includes dung, ash and some weed. All this is insisted in advance not less than a week and diluted before watering 1/10.
Fertilizers must be applied only after watering.

It is important to remember that all fertilizers contribute only after wateringso as not to burn the root system of the tomato bush.

Diseases and pests

Persimmon variety capricious and sometimes diseases inherent in tomato can occur. To prevent this, prophylaxis should be carried out.

So that the fungus does not hit the plantations, it is worthwhile to carry out the treatment with Trihopol, purchase it in an ordinary pharmacy and dilute 3 tablets in a bucket of water. Tomatoes are treated with this mixture.

Also, when setting fruits it is worth cutting off the lower leaves. Cut them off gradually so that the bush does not get stressed.

Even a novice gardener may allow this variety to be planted on his own plot, the main thing here is to adhere to all the agrotechnical cultivation recommendations and not deprive the greenhouse with tomatoes. So the result in August will please the gardener with his harvest.