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Detailed description of the strawberry variety Bereginya


Almost everyone loves strawberries, because this berry crop has a unique taste and benefit, and if grown in its own garden, the value of the variety becomes even greater. To date, there are many varieties of strawberries and one of them is Bereginya. Although this variety appeared quite recently, but he has already managed to find his lovers.

Variety description

Let us consider the description of the points:

  1. The variety has an average ripening period.. The leaves of Beregini are large and have a green color with a light shade. On one bush there are 7 or 8 leaves.
  2. The middle part of the leaf of the stem is longer than the lateral ones.
  3. There is a reddish tinge on the antennae.
  4. This strawberry variety flowers are bisexual. These flowers have a white color and small petals.
  5. Bereginya will make you happy with the harvest all the time, since this kind of berry culture brings fruit every year.
  6. The fruits have a red-orange color and the shape of a cone. Each berry reaches 40 grams in its weight.
  7. The berries have high taste characteristics and a strong smell.
  8. This variety can be transported over long distances without harm to the fruit, because they have dense flesh.
  9. This strawberry has great resistance to low and high temperatures.
  10. The stability of strawberries is also manifested to fungal diseases. Strawberry mite is not terrible for this variety.
Variety of medium ripening, bears fruit every year, resistant to fungal diseases

Advantages and disadvantages

Strawberry Bereginya has excellent taste properties, thanks to the following composition:

  • sugar about 6%;
  • acid about 1%;
  • Vitamin C 80 mg.
Ripe berries have a unique sweetly sour taste and have a pronounced smell. The pulp of this variety has a red color and has sufficient juiciness.

In addition, one of the main advantages of the variety is resistance to high and low temperatures.

Another distinctive feature of the culture is a high level of resistance to certain diseases and pests.

The grade possesses high flavoring qualities, juiciness, is steady against high and low temperatures.

Growing strawberries Bereginya

First of all, you must decide on the choice of the site. It should be well lit by sunlight. The soil of the plot should be sandy.because it is preferred by Bereginya.

Soil preparation begins in the autumn period if you plan to plant the plant in spring. Also feeding the soil with manure, superphosphate and potash fertilizers.

In central Russia, it is best to plant a culture in the spring. A year before planting strawberries, it is recommended to sow in the garden siderats.

After 5 years, it is necessary to transplant plants to another place.to maintain the previous level of yield.

According to the recommendations of experienced gardeners, you need to create a new garden bed, and after five years, to uproot it. Then at the place of cultivation after a certain period of time there will be 5 beds of different ages.

This will ensure a regular harvest of berries. Only four years later, strawberries can be returned to the previous place.

In central Russia, it is best to plant a crop in the spring

To protect the beds from various harmful insects need plant marigolds and calendula on them. This procedure will help keep strawberries from various fungal diseases.

To rid strawberry beds of slugs on them you can plant parsley.

Bushes care

Like any other plant, Strawberry Bereginya needs proper care. Proper care for strawberries includes the following activities:

  • soil treatment (mulching, weeding, loosening);
  • protection against diseases and harmful microorganisms;
  • antennae elimination;
  • watering;
  • top dressing.

The following rules must be observed:

  1. It is best to water in the morning, the frequency and volume of watering depend on the soil moisture.
  2. During the ripening of fruits, it is necessary to water strawberries plentifully and without fail at the root of bushes.
  3. The most common fertilizer is manure.
  4. Gummed compost can act as a substitute for manure humus.
Strawberry care includes watering, mulching, elimination of antennae, feeding.

It is important to prepare strawberries for the winter period., because it depends on what kind of crop you will collect in the next season.

First you need to insulate the shrubs with organic mulch. Then it is necessary to protect the planting from frost, and this can be done using needles or sawdust.

To avoid exposure to diseases and pestsThe following measures must be observed:

  • during the planting of berry crop care, it is necessary to treat the soil, roots and planted plants;
  • often transplant plants to another site;
  • weeds contribute to the development and reproduction of strawberry pests, so they should be eliminated;
  • plant better strawberries next to other plants that repel harmful microorganisms. These plants are lupins.

These four rules will help you keep plants from diseases and pests.


For breeding this variety, you can use the purchased material, but still it is recommended to use their young plants (seedlings).

At the harvest stage it is necessary make notes on plants that have the following parameters:

  • The bush must have healthy and approximately equal in size fruits;
  • leaves should be large, juicy and have a uniform color.

Already in the middle of summer (July), you can plant a new ridge with rosettesappearing on the mustache of selected bushes.

Note! It is recommended to position the ridges of strawberries from north to south. This will provide excellent sunlight coverage.
In mid-July, you can plant a new ridge with rosettes that appeared on the mustache of selected bushes.


Elena, 36 years old: “I have been growing a variety of strawberry Bereginya for a long time. I am very pleased with the huge harvest, although there are some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is late maturation. Therefore, before you enjoy the ripe berries must wait. The fruits are incredibly juicy and have a unique smell. My kids like it. "

Anastasia, 40 years old: “On my plot I planted many varieties of strawberries, including Bereginu. Among all the varieties, I like this one. I liked that Bereginya tolerates frost and drought. There are so many fruits that there is enough for everyone. We eat it fresh, as well as cooking compotes and jam. ”

Elizaveta, 32 years: “I purchased the seeds two years ago and I am delighted, the fruits are large and beautiful. The Bereginya variety pleases our family every year with a bountiful harvest. ”

Svetlana, 29 years old: “I was very pleased with Beregini’s resistance to low temperatures. The bushes calmly endured winter, before wintering I just covered them with needles. ”

Dmitry, 37 years old: “I have long dreamed of planting strawberries in my plot, but I couldn’t decide on the choice of variety. Recently I planted Bereginu, very pleased with the unpretentiousness and high yield of planted bushes. ”

Really, Bereginya has a special uniqueness.. There are many advantages to this. These include a high level of yield, unique taste and aroma, unpretentious care and so on.

We wish you success in growing!