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Useful properties and contraindications of cornel


About the beneficial properties and contraindications of cornel known since ancient Greece. During excavations in Switzerland, the bones of this berry were found, their age is 5 thousand years.. Despite the fact that the plant is thermophilic, through the efforts of breeders it is becoming increasingly popular in temperate zones.

What is dogwood - a fruit or a berry?

The plant in the form of a small tree or shrub up to 7 meters high belongs to the family of cornels. Is dogwood a fruit or a berry? In total there are four types of dogwood. The berries of the plant are small, weighing 3-6 grams, can be oval, pear-shaped or rounded. Their color varies from light red to black. The flesh is covered with smooth skin. Inside the oblong bone, inedible. Fruits with sweet-sour, tart taste. Berries can be eaten both fresh or pickled, boiled and dried.

Dogwood in bloom

In addition to the well-known useful properties, dogwood is a beautiful decoration of any garden. In early spring, the plant bush blooms before the first leaves. At the end of the summer, its branches are abundantly hung with bright berries.

Useful properties of the plant for the body of men and women

The fruits of the plant - a real storehouse of vitamins, have healing properties for men and women. In the content of vitamin C, the berries of the dogwood are twice as high as the orange. The presence of beta-carotene and nicotinic acid is also noted. A very valuable property is considered to be low sugar content and moderate calorie content.that allows berries to be eaten by patients with endocrine imbalance, in particular diabetics.

Per 100g of dogwood accounts for only 40.4 kcal.

The content of a large amount of ascorbic acid helps to strengthen the blood vessels., maintaining skin elasticity, absorption of iron in the body. In addition, vitamin C is actively struggling with colds. The succinic acid contained in it enhances this action.

Beta-carotene, due to which the fruits have received a red color, an indispensable tool for vision and a beautiful healthy skin tone.

Cornel berries help with many of the most common diseases

Cornel contains many trace elements that are actively involved in the metabolic processes of the body. Potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium are actively involved in blood formation, tissue trophism and bone skeleton construction. Pectin contained in the fruit, removes toxins and improves bowel function. They also contain tannins, which are characterized by choleretic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects; bioflavonoids responsible for strengthening the vascular wall. Berries are known for their bactericidal effect. Fresh berries are used as a mild laxative, acting gently and delicately on the intestinal mucosa.

Folk healers use all parts of the plant.. In the latter, except for all the above-mentioned vitamins, as in the berries, but there are also essential oils.

Cornel berries are known to be able to treat hypertension, lower glucose levels, and have a tonic effect on the body.

Thus it is possible to identify the main healing qualities. These include:

  • strengthening the vascular wall;
  • prevention of sclerotic changes;
  • normalization of exchange;
  • diuretic effect;
  • choleretic agent;
  • anti-inflammatory effect.

The rich mineral composition of the fruit provides them with a good tonic property. They are widely used in skin diseases, arthritis, anemia, gout, hemorrhoids, and several other diseases..

Use in traditional medicine

Use of berries for diarrhea

When stool disorder is recommended to use a decoction of fresh or dried berries. Prepare it from 1 liter of water and a tablespoon of fruit. Bringing to a boil, the broth insist about 30 minutes and drink it during the day. Instead of berries, you can use dried leaves of the plant.

Decoction or kissel from dogwood berries is very useful in diarrhea for children and adults.

When diarrhea in children gives a good effect kisselbrewed from fresh or dried berries. This jelly is also useful for adults with symptoms of gastroenterocolitis.

The action against diarrhea is due to the presence of tannin in the plant, which is able to protect the body from fluid loss, inhibit the intestinal pathogenic flora and have a tanning effect.

Cornel in the fight against hemorrhoids 

Traditional medicine recommends the use of hemorrhoids stones from the berries. I crush them, fall asleep in a thermos and pour boiling water. After 12 hours, the infusion is ready. It is applied externally.: this infusion moistened swab and injected overnight in the anus. Simultaneously with this treatment, you need to eat 5 pieces of fresh fruit with a stone 3 times a day.

This option helps with the presence of bleeding.

Cornel jam is also a good help in the fight against hemorrhoids. If the jam is boiled with stones, then they need to be collected separately, and then eaten, without chewing.

Bones are indispensable for obesity and diabetes. Infusion of them can rinse your head with seborrhea.

Cornel as a tonic 

To increase vitality in the morning, as an alternative to a cup of coffee, you can use an infusion of 1-2 tablespoons of berries. Only to insist such a drink will take 6 hours. Due to the rich mineral composition such a drink perfectly tones and restores strength.

Liver disease prevention

Cornel is recommended for use in inflammation of the liver and kidneys.

Good effect for the prevention of liver disease. Bactericidal effect reduces inflammation in the liver, and pectins help remove toxic substances from the body.

In case of poisoning

It is due to the presence of pectin dogwood used in the poisoning of salts of heavy metals. Berries are known as good antioxidants., which allows them to use to improve metabolic processes and for weight loss with overweight.

Kidney disease

Due to diuretic properties Cornel has a positive effect on kidney disease and high blood pressure.

Antiviral and anti-inflammatory action

Due to the high content of vitamin C. Only a few berries are able to provide a daily rate. this vitamin in the body.

Can I use dogwood berries during pregnancy?

Cornel exceeds the content of vitamins and trace elements berries currants and citrus. Due to the fact that the berries of the cornel help the absorption of iron, during pregnancy, this factor reduces the risk of anemia in the fetus and the expectant mother. It is important to comply with the measure, do not eat berries in large quantities.. Also, pregnant women are not desirable to use cornel at night and in the presence of stomach diseases, accompanied by increased secretory function. Do not eat the fruit in the case of constipation.

Dogwood berries begin to use when there is a threat of abortion

During the period of breastfeeding, it is necessary to introduce cornel into the diet of the mother with caution so as not to provoke allergic manifestations. If necessary, nursing mom can eat 5-10 raw berries per day.

The use of dogwood in baby food

The property of the dogwood to strengthen the immune system and promote the growth of bone tissue and muscle skeleton makes the use of dogwood in baby food indispensable. In addition to the basic properties dogwood affects the secretory function of the stomach. This is especially important for children with poor appetite. Pectins contained in the fruit normalize the intestinal flora in children.

In baby food it is important to follow hygienic rules, and it is worth remembering the norm. So children under one year old recommended no more than 30 grams of grated berries provided that there are no allergic manifestations. Children up to 3 years old can increase the rate to 100 grams., but children 6 years old to 150-200 g fresh berries. Of course, the berries give children seedless.

Cornel for the elderly: the benefits and harm

According to the observations, improving blood circulation, cornel berries are involved in the prevention of age-related changes in the brain vessels. All recommendations for use are the same as usual. Consider the presence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidney stones. In such cases, dogwood, instead of benefit, can be harmful.

Cornel berries improve appetite and restore metabolism in the human body

For elderly people, it is important to use cornel as an antirheumatic drug. Also use of infusions helps to reduce blood pressure.

Contraindications for taking cornel

  • High content of vitamin C can adversely affect kidney diseasein which the presence of oxalates in the urine. It is better not to eat the fruits of dogwood for such people.
  • Do not use dogwood with diseases of the stomach with hypersecretion.
  • You can not eat berries with a tendency to constipation, insomnia (especially not recommended for use at night).

Dogwood Fruit Recipes


2 tablespoons fresh or 1 dried berries pour boiling water, warmly cover and leave for 6 hours. An adult can drink the infusion during the day.


The proportions are the same, but the berries are boiled for a few minutes, and then the broth is left in a warm place for 30 minutes.


Dogwood Compote

Using dogwood berries for compote making: for 3 liters of water take a glass of dogwood berries. Boil for 5-6 minutes. Compote can be consumed instead of tea during the day.

Cornel is a useful berry and beautiful shrub. Fruit-rich plants with vitamins and microelements are able to restore energy balance and have a tonic effect.. According to its characteristics, the fruit is a real pharmacy that can come to the rescue in various cases. To use these natural gifts, you can plant cornel on your site. So in the summer he will delight with fresh healing berries, and in the winter with harvested raw materials that will ensure good health all year round.