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How to plant raspberries in the fall?


Autumn is a wonderful time, which pleases with a variety of colors, but is also considered the most favorable time to prepare for planting work in the garden or summer cottage.

Experienced and avid gardeners in the first place pay attention to raspberries. Those who want to get a rich harvest of useful berries in a season, it is necessary to transplant or plant it exactly in the autumn season.

What is the term of planting raspberries in the fall?

The question of when it is better to plant raspberries is relevant every year. Planting raspberries in many ways depends on climatic conditions and varieties of seedlings each region.

It is worth noting that the autumn transplant is recommended only after aging. This can be understood by the replacement buds that appear on the root neck of the plant by the end of the season.

If the raspberry variety is early, the buds are visible in September, if it is late, then in October.

Seated or transplanted raspberries must be completed before the onset of frost, and better for a month. This time is enough for the shoots to root well.

In the south and in the southern regions The best time to land is mid-September and early October. Young seedlings have time to take root until frost, perezimuyut good and begin to actively develop in the spring.

For the northern regions Siberia and the Urals should be planted in early September. And sometimes it is not even worth doing this process at all.

This is due to the fact that autumn is mostly rainy, cold and long. Plants do not have time to settle down, and as practice shows, they often freeze.

As for the middle bandThe suburbs are suitable for planting - autumn and spring. Choose only you. But note that the autumn planting is much better, the plant can produce a harvest in the summer.

Raspberries must be planted in open ground from the first half of September to the 20th of October. The plant will have time to develop the root system, as a result of which it will endure the harsh winter remarkably.

Planting raspberry seedlings for further cultivation needs to be completed a month before the start of frost

Early and poorly frost-resistant varieties planted for the winter is not recommended, they have a very low survival rate.

Every summer resident should watch the weather, as every year autumn presents new surprises, therefore landing time may differ from previous seasons.

What is the most optimal period for planting: September and the first half of October, but in some cases the first half of November.

The reference point for transplantation is the period of biological rest, that is, at the end of leaf fall.therefore, every summer resident must keep a close eye on the plant.

If the planting time is missed, and the seedlings are purchased, it is necessary to take care of their safety until spring. You can save these methods: storage in a cool place, dropping into the ground and snowing.

Storage in the basement and dropping - these are the most common ways, but what is snowing?

Snowing - This is a way to preserve seedlings on the street. That is, the seedlings are well packed and dripped under a good layer of snow.

The advantage of snow is to prevent a decrease in temperature around the living trunks.

How to plant: step by step instructions

The step-by-step guide for landing in the autumn season is no different from the usual landing. Only annual shoots are required for planting.that have grown from adventitious buds on the roots of a plant.

Young shoots dig, inspect the roots, if they are damaged and sick, they are removed. For a successful landing, you must follow some rules.

Select only the strongest and best shoots.. Choose powerful bushes with strong and healthy root shoots. The root thickness must be at least one centimeter. Pruning a new plant is carried out at a level of about one meter from the root.

For planting it is necessary to select one-year strong and powerful shoots.

Where to plant and grow best: for planting choose the lighted place at your summer cottage. Raspberries are light-loving plants, it grows poorly in the shade.

Prepare the soil, dig up, loosen and remove all weeds.

It is better to plant raspberry trenchthat is, in rows. Planting should be such that each plant planted does not obscure the previous one. The distance between the rows should be at least two meters.

The instruction is simple: dig a hole about 50 cm in diameter and 30 cm deep. The distance between plants should be at least 50 cm. You will need to add half a bucket of manure and 50 grams of superphosphate with potassium sulphate to each hole.

After the prepared soil, you can begin to carefully remove the bushes and transplant them into ready-made holes. Each planted plant must be tied to pegs.

When landing watch the roots of the plant, they need to be straightened so that they do not look out onto the surface of the earth.

After landing raspberries need to be cut so that above the ground remains about 20 centimeters of the trunk.

Do not forget about watering. Each bush pour a bucket of water. For three days, the plants must be sprayed with a spray bottle.

Do not forget the mulching. It must be made rabbit droppings, sawdust, peat or chopped straw. Mulching will facilitate shrub growth and prevent weeds.

After all the activities carried out, check the quality of landing. Each bush gently pull, if he succumbs to pulling, it is necessary to transplant otherwise he will freeze in the winter.

If when planting raspberries, you followed all the necessary rules, then for the next summer season you can gather a generous harvest of raspberries.

After planting, raspberries must be cut, watered, mulch the soil

Advantages of autumn planting raspberries:

  1. In autumn, raspberry seedlings can be purchased at an affordable price.
  2. Large selection of planting material. Plants are sold with the latest leaves, sometimes with fruits, which makes it possible to look at the crop of acquired planting material.
  3. Ease of care in the autumn. The weather will provide moist soil. Despite the fact that at this time the plant is at rest, its roots continue to grow. During planting plant will have time to take root to the first frost.
  4. Save time in the midst of the summer season. In the autumn there is not much work in the garden, so you can spend enough time planting raspberries.
  5. The opportunity in the summer to get a good harvest.
  6. Almost 100% survival rate of raspberry seedlings in the autumn.

Proper preparation of seedlings

The choice of planting material is a crucial moment., you need to know exactly what to plant. Experts recommend choosing healthy bushes with three matured stems and a developed root system.

Before planting them cut to the length of the seedling does not exceed 30 cm.

Where to plant: the choice of a good place and soil for cultivation

The place for raspberries to choose preferably sunny and protected from strong gusts of wind. Raspberries can grow in partial shade, but this affects the amount of harvest.

With a lack of sun shoots begin to stretch, which leads to the placement of the buds on the underexposed shoots (tops). Such buds will die in severe frosts and therefore have to completely remove the plant.

The soil for raspberries should be fertile and at the same time drained.It must keep moisture well. Ideal for easy loamy soil, sandy and sandy soils are also suitable.

Choose a sunny place with fertile soil for planting raspberries.

How can I plant on the site in the open field

As soon as we decided on the landing site, we picked up the seedlings, it's time to deal with the methods of planting.

Planting method in rows or private, A fairly convenient way to grow raspberries, but time consuming. This type of planting is used by many gardeners. In turn, the method is divided into two types: trench and patching.

Trench - laborious, but effective. This is due to the fact that all plantings equally receive nutrients and evenly bear fruit.

It is recommended to prepare trenches several weeks before landing. Prepare the soil, remove all weeds. Trenches are dug 50 cm deep and wide.

Nitrogen fertilizers are prohibited during planting. This type of feeding negatively affects the development of the root system and wintering of the plant. At the bottom of the trench, it is desirable to put manure with the addition of superphosphate.

If a plot with fertile land, then manure is not needed. Use ash for fertilizer.: it will not only enrich the plant with useful substances, but also improve the taste of berries.

As a fertilizer for raspberries, it is better to use ash when planting.

Before landing It is recommended to dip the roots of the plant into a mullein-based solution with clay, they will be able to quickly adapt in a new place. Then gently lower into the furrow and sprinkle with soil.

Keep track of the roots of the plant, they should not be matted, gently flatten them so that they are horizontal on the ground. Shake the seedlings so that the soil evenly covers the roots.

Next, plants well water. Seal the soil around the seedling and grind. sawdust or fine straw. Mulching will help avoid weeds that love fertile soil.

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Patching - effective, it is called by many more. Pits must be prepared in advance one week before landing.

They are made with a depth and diameter of about 40 cm. Between the rows, the distance is at least 1.5 meters, and the distance between the bushes is up to 1 m.

The bottom of the pits is filled with a fertile layer, which must be loosened during planting. Planted seedlings must be carefully not to damage the root system. Condense the soil around the seedling, pour it abundantly.

Bush method no less popular. The bottom line is that the bushes are planted at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. For a year the bush grows.

After a few years, more than a dozen well-developed healthy shoots can be seen. Weak shoots are cut each year. Thanks to this method of planting raspberry bushes become fluffy.

Raspberry can be planted patching, trenching method

To save space on the summer cottage it is recommended to grow raspberries in tanks. They can be both plastic and metal.

Capacity with the cut off bottom enter into the earth, fill with the fertile earth. This method does not grow shoots, so the place next to the raspberry can be used for other plants.

The correct distance between the raspberry bushes and rows

Plant raspberry bushes should with an interval of at least 70 cm between the bushes. As for the rows, there should be a distance of not less than 1.5 m between them.

This is considered the optimal distance that will allow easy care for the plant during active growth. It is recommended to plant no more than two shoots in each well..

Such planting will allow the plant to receive the required amount of sunlight, which will lead to abundant fruiting and growth.

Planting raspberry autumn:

Departure after landing

Plant care should be permanent., especially it concerns only the planted seedlings. It is necessary to provide favorable conditions for the development of the root system and wintering.

You can protect young roots from freezing. At the first frost, close the root system with sawdust or foliage.

Save only planted plant necessary from atmospheric moisture using plastic film, make the frame.

The frame will create a dry airspace for raspberries, as a result of which it will be protected from the first frosts, the northern wind and snow. In early spring, polyethylene is removed.

If the bed with seedlings is small, you can cover each plant individually.

Raspberries - a plant with healthy and tasty berries. It does not require special care, specific watering, it is enough to follow some rules to get a good harvest in a timely manner..