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Detailed description of the variety of apples Zhigulevskoe


Apple Zhiguli varieties - This is a tree, the fruits of which ripen only in autumn, depending on the type of terrain, apples can be eaten either in early autumn or only late.

Description variety Zhigulevskoe

Experiments on breeding Zhigulevskoe varieties were carried out by Russian botanists and breeders in Samara at a special research base. During the study two varieties of apples interbreed - Russians and Americans.

The experiments gave a positive result, so Zhiguli apples are listed in the international register of varieties, they are recommended to be grown on private summer plots for amateur purposes.

This variety is considered fruitful.In addition, the apples are large, each of them reaches a mass of 250 grams. Themselves apples are round, color from red to maroon. They taste pleasant, sweet, with a noticeable sourness.

These apples can not be called juicytherefore, it would be appropriate to say about their taste "to an amateur." The skin of an apple is thick, protects the flesh, which is color-coded with a noticeable yellow, creamy color.

The optimal time for picking apples of Zhigulevskoe variety is September 5th.

The apple tree is “alive”, its buds open early and quickly, it begins to bear fruit in the fourth year after its planting, the crown of the tree is not thick, therefore the trunk and branches are sufficiently illuminated by sunlight, and this contributes to high yield.

Zhigulevskoe apple variety is considered fruitful, self-pollinating

This variety is recognized as self-pollinating.therefore, it will be difficult to take a lot of harvest from an apple tree if it grows lonely and the owner of the garden does not take care of the nearby apple trees.

Besides, it is advantageous to plant such apple trees near the places where there is an apiary or beekeeping farms. The smell of apple flowers attracts bees and they can help pollinate the plant.

If pollination passes safely, then you can wait for the harvest, which is enough not only for yourself, but also some of the apples can be handed over for sale.

Advantages and disadvantages

It cannot be said that the Zhigulevskoe apple tree is a tree that is easy to care for and has many advantages.

Probably, he is planted by those who just like the taste of apples, and this is why.

Lack of variety:

  1. From the parent variety, American Wagner, Zhigulevskoe grade inherited poor ability to winter, therefore, it is necessary to work hard so that the apple tree will normally survive the winter and not freeze, otherwise, next year, you will have to forget about your favorite apples.
  2. Experienced gardeners, who possess the skills of grafting, will be able to graft this variety on winter-hardy basis. Good for this are suitable for apple cowberry varieties, varieties Striped and Anise.
  3. Grade Zhigulevskoe is not resistant to scab, a disease that is caused by an abundance of moisture, so in central Russia an apple tree is unlikely to yield. This is not to say that it is also protected from other pests.
  4. When a tree becomes mature, it ceases to bear fruit regularly, harvests happen every few years.
    The advantages of the variety include the following.:

  1. Apples are stored for a long time, whole, intact fruits can lie for about two months.
  2. High yield.

How apples are stored

Apples need to be stored in a specially designated roomwhose temperature is up to 0 degrees.

After removing the apples from the tree, no need to wash or wipe themThis damages the protective wax layer.

Apples need to be wrapped in paper and put in boxes or other clean containers, then they can be stored almost until the winter.

After harvesting apples Zhigulevskoe varieties need to be wrapped in paper and put in boxes

How to cover an apple tree for the winter

The region of natural growth is the middle strip of Russia. With proper care, it survives well and winters in other areas.

It is widely believed that Apple trees need to be sheltered for the winter only because frost does not beat them.

Nobody argues with this, and everything has to be done, but you also need to know that apple trees and other trees also shelter for the winter from hares and other rodentswho wander in search of food and can badly spoil the apple trees.

Besides, the apple tree is also sheltered from the windso that it does not break from his gusts, and there are no burns on the bark.

Thus, sheltering apple trees for the winter is an important procedure that will help keep the trees in order. It is only important not to miss the right time.

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What you need to do that the apple tree winters:

  1. Even before the onset of frosts, but not after them, the apple tree should be properly watered and fertilized with manure.
  2. Inspect the bark for aging and damage. Remove all unnecessary and dry bark, however, it should be done very carefully so as not to damage the healthy bark.
  3. The barrel must be treated with a solution of ferrous sulfate, it protects well from parasites, including lichen.
  4. After that, warm the trunk with soil. For this fit the soil from his own garden. Pour it around the trunk and tamp, but not much.
  5. To ensure reliable preservation of the apple tree, the place near the trunk must be densely planted with grass (even torn weeds from the garden, twigs will do, ideal spruce branches, so if you can, you need to use it).
  6. When the snow falls, it is advisable to collect more of it and additionally cover it with an apple tree.
  7. During the winter, it is impossible to remove such a blanket, otherwise the apple tree will die.
Zhigulevskoe varieties of apple trees should be sheltered for the winter, as it is not winter-hardy

To determine the condition of the tree and whether it has died, cut the twig and carefully examine it.

If the cut is saturated whitethen the tree is all right. If he turned brown or brown, this means that the care was not carried out very well and the apple tree still froze.

You should not make such conclusions ahead of time, only a few branches could freeze to death. You do not need to run behind the ax and get rid of the apple tree, you have to wait until spring and once again see how the tree behaves.

It is believed that only young trees need intensive warming for the winterthe older the tree, the less it needs to be covered.

How to trim

While the apple tree is still young, it should be cut regularly.to form the correct crown. If this is done competently, then the apple tree will be more and more fruitful. It is necessary to cut off an apple-tree only in the second year after it was planted.

First of all, adjust the growth of the apple tree, this is done by pinching the crown. This helps the branches to grow widely.

That the apples were large and tasty, need to engage in thinning the ovary. For this you need a central fruit from the beam.

If this is not done, then the apples will be small and tasteless, they will not be sufficiently ripe.

Apple tree varieties Zhigulevskoe needs fertilizers, they need to make the fall

How to care

That the apple tree grows and yields, need to apply nitrogen based fertilizers. A signal to the fact that this substance is not enough, will be yellow leaves that showered off-season.

To form a kidney, need to apply phosphate fertilizers. For young shoots to appear, grow and grow, calcium-based fertilizer is needed.

Fertilizers need to be annually, the best time for this is autumn.

Diseases and pests


To protect the tree from this pest, you need to take preventive measures, such as cleaning of fallen apples and leaves, digging up the soil under the apple tree, cleaning the bark.

If such a pest has been seen, then it is necessary to put traps on the tracksThey are placed on the trunk. When the caterpillars fall into the trap, they need only be removed from there in a timely manner and destroyed.

To keep the parasites back, spray the wormwood solution.

Zhigulevskoe apple variety is susceptible to moth and bark burns


The bark of the tree is dark in color, therefore she may be sunburned. This helps whitewashing or wrapping the tree with thick paper.


Nina, 41, Saratov: “One of my favorite apples is sour and tasty. Their only drawback is that they hibernate badly. For me, the shelf life of apples matters, the Zhigulevskys do not let them down, they are stored for a long time, especially in the cellar. ”Otzyvy.pro website

Igor, 38 years old, Rostov-on-Don: “The variety ripens late, so that the taste qualities are brighter, you need to give the apples some time to lie down. I can’t say that I love them madly, but I don’t refuse them either. ”

Larisa, 52 years old, Mozhaisk: “Apples of great taste, one of my favorites, the whole family eats with pleasure. I have been growing for many years and I plan to expand the area of ​​planting, I will grow it for sale, as I like not only apples, but also friends and neighbors. ”Answers to mail.ru

Dmitry, 42, Schelkovo: “I love apples, I have been growing them for many years, the Zhigulevskoye variety has been acquired for a long time and did not regret it. We have to wrap the apple tree well during the cold weather, but the whole family eats delicious and fragrant apples almost until winter. It is enough not only for food, but also for various home-made preparations: compotes, jam, jam, which goes well into cakes in winter. ”Website Megogorod

In this way, Zhigulevskoe apple tree definitely deserves to decorate your summer cottage.