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Detailed description of the Timur grape variety


When choosing a grape variety, preference is given to varieties with high resistance to adverse weather conditions and diseases. Among the hybrids bred by breeders from different countries there are many options that deserve special attention. One of them is the Timur grape, the description and characteristics of which are presented below.

Description of the grape variety Timur

The early ripe grade enjoys success among summer residents and winegrowers who grow crops with whole plantations. The quality of berries is excellent, as well as the characteristics of the plant. A distinctive feature is the presence of two varieties: white and pink.

Timur grape belongs to table hybrids, was obtained by breeders as a result of crossing varieties Vostorg and Albe.


White Timur grapes
  • growing season - 110-115 days;
  • growth rate - average;
  • berries oval-shaped, color green with an amber shade;
  • young shoots develop rapidly, but at the same time need careful care;
  • when grown on soils with a heavy structure the taste is complemented by astringency;
  • plant frost resistant (withstands -25 °);
  • sugar content - about 17-22%.


Grape Timur pink
  • growing season - 110-130 days;
  • berries bigger than white fellow, color pink-purple;
  • high calorie (about 70 Kcal) due to a higher content of sugar in the pulp (22-25%);
  • taste is not pronounced nutmeg notes;
  • plant easy tolerates frost down to -25 °;
  • resistance to fungal diseases is high, but weakness is considered to be low resistance to tick attacks.
Cultivation is possible in almost all regions of the middle zone and in the south. Harvest period begins in July.

Characteristics of berries

Bunches of grapes Timur have a beautiful cylindrical or conical shape, the weight of one on average reaches 400-600 grams. Berries, depending on the variety, are white (yellow-green) or pink, weighing 6-8 grams., which credits the variety in the category of large-fruited plants. Elongated grapes in diameter 21 mm, length 29. The indicators are averaged, there are also real giants: length 34 mm, diameter 26 mm, weight over 10 grams.

Timur's clusters are large and dense.

Although the skin is dense, it does not create discomfort when eating berries, the flesh is sweet and juicy with a well-felt nutmeg taste.

In many ways, the white type of hybrid is similar to pink grapes, however there are some differences:

  • the clusters are friable, the average weight is 700-800 grams;
  • the skin is a little denser, more felt when eating berries;
  • pink-purple fruits are larger than the white relative (berry length 35 mm, diameter 23 mm, weight 9-11 g.).
The yield of grapes of the Timur variety is on average 12-16 kg per bush.

Advantages and disadvantages

Winegrowers who are only considering a variety for planting are advised to familiarize themselves with its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of grapes:

  • early ripening period;
  • onset of fruiting 2 years after the landing of the Chubuk;
  • strong immunity and frost resistance make it possible to grow berries almost all over Russia;
  • compact plant, the big space which is not occupying on a site;
  • fruit large sizes and very sweet to the taste;
  • formed conical clusters give culture aesthetic value;
  • resistance of the variety to mildew.
The grade Timur has excellent tastes and does not cause problems with storage and transportation

It is important to note the high commercial quality of berries, good transportability. These criteria must meet the variety grown for sale.

Grapes woven well, so it is often used as a hedge when zoning places of rest on the site.

Timur’s deficiencies regarding the quality of the berries and agricultural technology are absent, However, it is worth considering that growth on wet soils or abundant watering adversely affect the taste, it becomes less expressive, watery. The skin of pink grapes is a bit denser than white, more felt in the mouth when consumed.


For planting are selected seedlings with a formed root system. The diameter of the cutting must be at least 7 mm. Too long roots should be shortened to 15-20 cm.

Planting a grape sapling

When choosing a place, preference should be given to a plot on a hill with loose soil on the sunny side. You should not choose tall plants in the neighbors, they will create a shadow, hindering the rapid ripening of berries. When landing at the building or fence, you need to indent at least 1.2-1.5 m.

Under the vineyard is to choose a plot from the south or south-west side. For a good development of the cutting, you will need space, so you do not need to plant other plants abutting.

The Timur variety is distinguished by its unpretentiousness to the type of soil, but it is better to create the most favorable conditions for the growing season of the grapes. If the land is dense, it should be diluted with large river sand and a small amount of peat.

Planting of seedlings can be planned both in the spring (in March) and in the fall (in October). Preliminary soil needs to be enriched with organic fertilizers. For these purposes, ideal: compost, humus. You can also use the mineral complex, which includes phosphorus and potassium. The growth of crops on fertile land provides good yields and high marketable qualities of the berries.

The day before planting the seedling is placed in a container with a small amount of water. Immediately before immersion, a root is dipped into a clay mash. The minimum parameters of the pit should not be less than 80x80x80 cm. Half a pit of compost (humus) and the same fertile soil is poured at the bottom of the depression, after which a cutting line is installed strictly vertically. Planted chubuk need to generously pour water.

Scheme planting grapes Timur
Between the bushes you need to keep an interval of at least 2 m, whereas for the aisle it is enough to leave 1.5 m. So it will be easier to form the bushes and carry out their care.

Care for a young and mature vine

Caring for Timur grapes is not difficult to name, however, you must perform certain activities strictly according to the schedule, especially at the developmental stage of the cutting.

Important for the plant stages in which watering is simply necessary, are:

  • period before flowering bushes;
  • after fruiting.
You can irrigate the grapes using drip irrigation, or manually

No additional irrigation works can not do in dry weather. It is important during the irrigation to comply with the measure, the abundance of moisture provokes the fall of flowers and cracking berries. To keep the soil moist for longer, it is recommended to cover it after irrigation with mulch. For this purpose, suitable: peat, sawdust, moss. The flooring layer must be at least 3 cm.

2 weeks before harvesting, watering stops. You can resume it after full trimming of clusters. 2-3 weeks before the preparation of the plant for wintering, irrigation stops completely.

Almost all tall cultures need pruning. This procedure contributes to better development of the shoot and abundant fruiting. Grape Timur is no exception.

Pruning is carried out in the autumn, leaving 30 buds on each bush. To obtain giant clusters, the number of eyes is reduced to 20-25 pcs. To prevent overloading of the vine, it is recommended to leave no more than 10-12 eyes.

Intensive growth requires regular fertilizing. To enrich the soil with nutrients using organic and mineral complexes. However, you should not overdo it with nitrogen fertilizers, their overabundance worsens the taste of berries.

The grade Timur differs in frost resistance, but it is impossible to predict weather whims. therefore in the middle lane spend wrapping bushes. As a covering material using canvas, polyethylene, agrofibre.

Breeding methods

For reproduction of grapes used vegetative methods:

  • using cuttings;
  • layering;
  • vaccinations.

From seed, sprouts are not germinated, as the quality of berries is significantly deteriorating.


Soaking grapes cuttings

Cuttings harvested more often in the fall. After soaking and processing the cut, the bluestone is stored in a cool place or in a pit of sand, wrapped in a damp cloth. Wherein to prevent the drying rags can not as well as lowering the temperature below zero.


Grape reproduction by layering

Reproduction by layering provides powder fertile branches with a layer of soil for rooting. After the formation of an individual root system, a shoot is transplanted into a spacious place.


Grape grafting

Graft performed using cut cuttings on grapes of another variety. The rules for performing the procedure do not differ from a similar operation on fruit trees.

Diseases and pests

To protect the grapes from fungal diseases, in particular rot, It is necessary to conduct preventive spraying of the vine twice per season. The procedure can be combined with watering. Planned work before flowering and after its completion.

Signs of grape mite infestation

The pink berry variety is attacked by a felt tick. When the first signs of a pest attack are detected, it is necessary to treat with insecticides: Karbofos, Fufanon, Tiovit-jet and other drugs.

It is better to buy seedlings in nurseries, where the risk of buying an infected shoot is very low. If you decide to buy from the hands, then you need to carefully inspect the box.

Variety Timur deserves the attention of experienced breeders and beginner growers. Berry will not leave indifferent those who once tasted it, she took only the best qualities from her parents.