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5 ways to prepare dill for the winter and preserve its flavor


With the arrival of summer days in the garden garden appears the first greenfinch. These are dill, celery, oregano, parsley and other herbs. Greens are rich in beneficial trace elements and vitamins. She can spice up salads, soups, or simply eat fresh. But in any case, all good things come to an end. And with the onset of autumn the plants begin to wither. But you have the opportunity to stock up on such greens for the winter. How to prepare and preserve the flavor of greens? Our article is dedicated to the preparation of dill.

Ways of harvesting dill for the winter while preserving the flavor

Dill is a storehouse of various vitamins.

Scented dill is the favorite spice of all housewives. Some dishes without it are difficult to imagine, not to mention the amount of useful minerals that help improve digestion and blood purification. To save greens for the winter, you need to know some of the subtleties and methods of its preparation. Dill can be salted, dried, frozen or simply put in a glass bowl. It all depends solely on your desire. The main thing to remember is that each individual version of the workpiece is different for the preservation of greenery.

The entire complexity of storage is the rapid loss of moisture. That is why you should know some subtleties, how to properly keep the foliage of greens fresh, fragrant and tasty.


If you decide to preserve the color and aroma of greenery, it is best to prefer salting. This is an ideal spice for first courses, although, for example, such greens are also suitable for cooking potatoes in the oven or meat.

Pickled dill

To pickle greens is recommended:

  1. Prepare exclusively leaves, completely cutting off shoots.
  2. Grind everything very finely and place in a glass container, plentifully sprinkling each layer with salt.
  3. After tamping greens, close it tightly nylon cover.
  4. To keep the seasoning for a long time, it is recommended put on the top shelf of your fridge.

Salted dill can be used for a whole year. But it is worth remembering that it is too salty, and, applying it to the dish, gently salt the food.


Dried dill has the most fragrant spicy flavor. It is usually used for cooking first courses.

Dried dill

There are several methods of drying herbs. Consider the main options:

  • can hang a pre-washed bundle of greens on a rope in a place protected from direct sunlight, wind and various insects. After a few days, the plants can be considered dried and ready for winter;
  • can cut the green cape into pieces and spread it out with a thin ball on a tray in a room where there is no direct sunlight, wind and insects. You need to wait 2-3 days, periodically shaking the greens, and then it will dry properly;
  • some housewives decide to speed up the drying process. For this they dill spread on a baking sheet and heat treated in the oven. But this method has its drawbacks. In view of the fact that the temperature is high, the tips of the leaves begin to turn yellow and curl. As a result, the seasoning will not be as beautiful as in the first two cases.
Best for drying greenfinchs use special dryers. At the same time, the process of preparing greens for winter involves drying at low temperatures for a long time with mandatory ventilation.


Green freeze - This is one of the most popular options for harvesting dill for the winter. In this case, the grass can be frozen cut, in bunches and even in the form of ice cubes. In the first case, the herbs are washed, dried, cut and spread on a tray. It is recommended to periodically look into the freezer and stir the spice so that the leaves do not stick together. A day later, the tray is removed, and the green is poured into the bag.

Freezing dill for the winter

And you can not bother with cutting. To do this, the spice is tied in bunches, wrapped in plastic wrap or foil, and then hides in the freezer. Whereas dill with ice cubes is not such a common method, but very interesting. Therefore, we consider it in more detail.

Frozen spice can be stored for 6-8 months. This time it retains all its healthy and taste qualities.

How to prepare greens in forms for ice cubes?

Frozen Dill in Ice Cubes
  1. To put finely chopped dill in ice molds You can use plain water, pre-melted butter or sunflower oil. It all depends on the further use of seasoning.
  2. If you knock down a plant on a blenderthen it will squeeze, and the addition of liquid can be avoided. The resulting mass will differ in rich aroma and pleasant taste.
Nobody forbids to add parsley or other greens in dill mass. Such cubes are perfect for giving taste to broths, soups, stews and many other dishes.

Cold storage

Dill can be preserved by placing it in the fridge. But in this case, the flavor, beneficial properties and taste will remain the same only for three weeks, nothing more.

In this case It is worth using an ordinary plastic container. But put the greens in it is neat. Do not stamp the dill. It is better if he will lie free.

Green storage in plastic containers

Then the green is poured with water at room temperature so as to cover all the leaves. The container is placed in the refrigerator for six hours. After draining the water, the greens are gently shaken and placed again in a dry container under the lid.

In no case should not put the container in the freezer otherwise it will all be ice.

Fresh greens in cans

In hermetically sealed jars, fresh dill can be stored for several months without freezing.

If desired You can ensure the safety of greens using ordinary glass jars. They must be sterilized and must be dry. A bunch of dill is placed in the container and sealed with a lid. In this form, greens can be stored for a whole month.

Return dill and parsley attractive appearance is possible. To do this, their stems should be carefully dipped first in hot and then in cold water.

How to prepare the dill for storage?

To prepare the dill for the winter, it is important to properly prepare the greens. But everything has its subtleties. So:

  • washing greens Recommended by water at room temperature. Hot water is not suitable;
  • recommended before cutting greenery spread on kitchen towelsso that it dries well;
  • do not spread greens in the sundirect sunlight is our enemy;
  • important protect the harvesting of greenery from insects and wind. It is simply not hygienic.

It is difficult to imagine dishes without greens. These are very useful and tasty supplements that a good housewife always has. To stock up on dill for the winter, you can freeze it, pickle it, dry it or just keep it in the fridge. But all this is worth doing right. Then your efforts will be rewarded, and on the table will be fragrant, wholesome and tasty food for a long time.