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Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Pertsevidny


Unusual tomatoes can be grown independently on the garden. The variety of tomato that has fruits similar to pepper is called peppermint.

Description and characteristics of tomato Pertvidny

Hybrid Tomato Pertsevidny bred on the basis of a variety of cream. Tomatoes have an elongated shape, in appearance resembling peppers. Their color varies by variety. It can be red, yellow, orange, etc.

Most varieties of peppermint are indeterminate type (although there are varieties of determinant type) with unlimited growth of the stem and reach a height of 1.5 - 2 meters.

Plants strongly branched with large leaves, so they definitely need to stepchild. Can be grown both in open ground and in the greenhouse.

The first brush on the bush is laid between 6 and 11 leaf. Subsequent brushes appear every three sheets. In the brush about 6 fruits.

Variety belongs to class mid-season Tomatoes. The period of fruiting bushes - from mid-July until almost the end of October. But this period can be increased if the cultivation is carried out in greenhouses.

Fruiting period - from mid-July to late October
This hybrid is fruitful, characterized by a good set of fruits.

Tomatoes are used for fresh consumption and for preservation. They can be stuffed, as they are fleshy and do not crack when cooked.

Characteristic of fruits:

  • has two seed chambers;
  • tasty, fleshy, not very juicy tomatoes;
  • medium size fetus weight from 80 to 100 gr;

The stem may have a greenish stain, but this does not affect the taste characteristics of the fruit.

Tomato varieties in the pepper series

Pepper tomatoes are not a separate sort of tomato. This species combines several varieties. Common to all these plants is the shape of the fruit. They vary in color, size and height.

Depending on the variety, ripe tomatoes have the following colors:

  • yellow (hybrid yellow);
  • red (red);
  • raspberry (pink);
  • orange (orange);
  • unusual colors (pepper-striped).

Mostly pepper tomatoes belong to the indeterminant type (stem height up to 2 m), but there are varieties that also belong to the determinant one. This class includes the Pertvoid striped (in the greenhouse the height of the stem can reach 1m, and in open ground - 70cm).

In a typical tomato, the pepper size of the fruit is small. Its weight is up to 150 grams.

To get a large-sized tomato planted tomato Pepper giant, the mass of fruits of which reaches 250 gr. and more. This variety was created by breeders Mikhail Gilev and Zoya Shott. In our country it has been grown since 2007.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of pepper tomatoes include:

  • good taste;
  • high yield;
  • versatility, it can be grown up in an open ground, greenhouses or hotbeds;
  • original fruit shape;
  • the fruit is fleshy, the flesh is crumbly, sweetish in taste;
  • its good to use for pasta, preservation, stuffing.

The disadvantages of the variety include:

  • install a trellis system;
  • need permanent tying up (for indeterminate tomatoes).
The pulp is crumbly, and the taste is sweet

Requirements for soil for planting

Pepper Tomatoes grow well and bear fruit on neutral or slightly acid soils. If your soil is very acidic, then the ground for the beds should be treated with lime, which will help reduce acidity.

The best soil for tomatoes are loam. They are not heavy, so the root system can develop normally.

Sowing rules

The term of sowing seeds for seedlings depends on the region, since tomatoes are planted in the ground after the frost has ended. Approximate term of cultivation of seedling - 45-65 days.

Since Pertsevidny belongs to the hybrid, the seeds are not collected independently by gardeners, they need to be purchased in stores. Such seeds are sold already processed and therefore they do not need to be soaked.

For planting seedlings, soil is prepared on their own or purchased in the store.

If you decide to independently prepare the soil, you must take:

  1. 2 parts peat;
  2. 1 part of turf (or garden) land;
  3. 1 part compost;
  4. 0.5 parts of sand.
For growing seedlings, you can buy a special soil or make it yourself

In addition, 1 cup of wood ash is added to the bucket of the finished mixture, as well as complex fertilizer, which contains phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen in a smaller volume.

Seeds are sown in grooves 1.5-2 cm deep. Tomato seedlings it is desirable to perform a pick. This will allow the plant to quickly grow the root system.

Picks are performed after the formation of the first true leaves. Seedlings are grown for about 2 months. When the plants grow 6 true leaves, seedlings can be planted.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Tomatoes love sunny, protected from the winds place. Since this variety belongs to the group of tall plants, it is necessary to provide a trellis system for garter stalks.

Before planting the soil must be prepared. It is recommended in the fall and spring to bring 4 kg of manure per 1m2 of soil to the prepared site.

Planting seedlings in the soil produced by the scheme 70h50 cm

The landing is carried out at the rate of 3-4 plants per 1m2 or according to the scheme 70х50 cm. In this case, it is possible to form tomatoes in two stalks. If the planting is more dense, then the stalk is left alone. The wells are prepared for planting with dimensions of at least 15x15 and the depth of a shovel bayonet.

Care after transplant

Care of tall tomatoes is not difficult. It consists in the constant performance of certain operations:

  • watering;
  • loosening;
  • pasynkovanie;
  • garter stalk.
If a layer of mulch from straw or dry grass is laid around the plant, then loosening can be avoided and watering less frequently. Layer mulch should be laid with a thickness of at least 5 cm.

Masking is removing stepsons from a bush. This will form a plant in one or two stalks. This will allow not to thicken the planting and, as a result, the tomatoes will be well ventilated.

Also need feed three times a season. For this, manure or chicken droppings are well suited. In August, the top of the bush should be pinned. In this case, those tomatoes that have already started, will have time to ripen.

Diseases and their prevention

Tomato Pertvidny is affected by a fitoftoroz

Pepper is resistant to most diseases. but affected by blight. Phytophthora develops at low temperatures and high humidity. Therefore, for the prevention it is necessary that tomatoes grow in sunny, well-ventilated areas.

Landing should not be thickened. The treatment of bushes with fungicides is carried out before the onset of the disease according to the description or instructions.

Subtleties of successful cultivation

Special peculiarities in the cultivation of tomato varieties Pertsevidny not. For high yield, the main thing is to properly take care of the plant and it will thank you for a good harvest.

Pertvidny tomato is recommended to include in the collection of tomatoes every gardener, because such fruits will be the decoration of your table.