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4 ways to stock up on the winter vitamin preparation of dried and dried persimmon


Unusual in taste independent dish is a persimmon. She is very fond of using Japanese mistresses in cooking. In Korea, dried fruit is made into a punch with a sweet, astringent taste. Also dried and dried fruit in other countries of Asia, as well as in the Caucasus, for example in Abkhazia. In the fruit remain vitamins and beneficial trace elements. The taste of the product is reminiscent of figs or sweets, so like the little sweet teeth. In the dried and dried sweets a lot of useful properties. The product relieves inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, improves appetite, speeds up digestion, normalizes pressure, removes toxins from the body. Drying is not only useful, but also pleasant. And the fruits will delight the sweet tooth in the cold winter.

The specifics of drying persimmon at home in whole and in pieces

Each fruit requires a special approach in time, temperature, processing and preparation for drying. The fruit can be placed in an oven, electric drier, or hanged on shrinkage with garlands for natural weathering of moisture. They must first be prepared in order to result in a high-quality and tasty dried fruit.

Mature and hard fruits are suitable for drying.

The fruit can be dried in whole or in pieces, depending on the amount of free time and taste preferences, as well as the power of the unit used.

  1. For harvesting, it is necessary to choose ripe but strong fruits for the winter, for example, the Korolek variety, with no signs of rotting, mildew and black dots. Damaged areas are cut and discarded.
  2. To dry in pieces, remove the bones. A whole persimmon is not necessary to cut.
  3. Each fruit is washed or wiped with a napkin, and then laid out on a paper towel to remove excess moisture.
  4. Depending on the chosen method of drying, cut into slices or send to the sheet of the unit.

The fruits of an exotic plant are sweet, so no sugar or powder is required. Only brilliant fruits with dry tails are used. They are well dried and do not deteriorate during storage.

How can you make a healthy dried fruit at home?

Exotic fruit is available only in winter, so its preparation can be called summer. Persimmon at home can be made naturally by using a specialized unit or oven, as well as dried in the sun, stringing on a thread. Each method at home has its own characteristics, and the product acquires a peculiar taste.

How to cook in the oven

In the oven, small persimmon is dried whole, and large - in circles

A small amount of raw material can be cooked in the oven. It gives you the opportunity to get spicy dried fruits with cinnamon flavor. The persimmon needs to be cooked properly: wash and dry. Prescription fruits are cut into circles so that they do not lose shape in the process. Pieces are laid out on a sheet, previously covered with parchment, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Drying temperature is 70 degrees. The oven should be periodically opened to erode moisture. Pieces can be turned and made sure that they are not burnt.

Another tasty delicacy in the oven is chips. The difference between drying and cooking them only in temperature. It is necessary to increase the degree to 150 for 30 minutes. Then within 2 hours the fruit is dried at 90.

An electric oven is best for drying. In gas there is no stable temperature, so the slices burn.

How to dry in an electric dryer

Not every region has the opportunity to dry large fruits in the open air, especially since it will take 2 weeks. In this case the VOLTERA 1000 Lux dryer comes to the rescue. In it you can dry the fruits and large and small, and those from which the tails were separated, as well as lobules. The instructions for the dehydrator indicate the process time and the temperature required to prepare a quality product.

  1. Fruits must be washed and get rid of water droplets with a paper towel.
  2. Skin is removed, and then the flesh is laid out on the trays of the dryer.
  3. The process temperature is 7-8 hours at a temperature of 70-90 degrees.
In the VOLTERA 1000 Lux unit

Willingness of the product should be checked, if necessary, turn the fruit until the percentage of moisture content decreases. When the process is completed, the dried fruit cools, and then it must be placed in canvas bags or hermetically sealed containers so that the pests do not set aside the larvae.

On the thread in the open air

In the homeland of the fruit, for example, in the Caucasian region, where there is a lot of it, they use drying and drying in the open air. Strong fruits with green legs are specially selected. For drying, you need to choose a place in the shade and a strong rope. With its help, the fruit is attached to the legs close together in the form of a garland. The orange thread is suspended in the shade, in a well-blown room.

Drying fruits of persimmon on a string on the street continues for 2 weeks

Sunlight and raindrops should not fall on the fruit. Drying time ranges from 10 to 14 days, depending on the air temperature and the size of the fruit. When active evaporation of moisture begins, a white bloom appears on the fruit. This is not a sign of deterioration or rotting. Under the influence of temperature, glucose is released.

Some collectors take off the skin to make the product more tender. But this is not necessary, also because the skin has many vitamins.

How to dry persimmon

Dries better in the shade

Juicy fruits negatively relate to direct sunlight. They immediately begin to crack and run. To get a high-quality product, you need to find a place in the shade with good ventilation. There are 2 ways that result in a dried product.

  1. The persimmon is tied up for tails and the garland is hung under the roof. They can be located close to each other, but should not touch, so that the process of decay has begun.
  2. Persimmon is also dried on racks covered with paper or parchment. If necessary, the fruit is turned over.

The fruit is dried for about two weeks. Speaking white bloom should not frighten. It is sugar, which appeared due to evaporation of moisture.

Do not be afraid of white bloom on dried fruit

Any method of drying is acceptable and will help to make high-quality blanks, if you follow the correct formulation. Learn a few secrets of storing dried fruits. When the fruit loses all the unnecessary moisture, they slightly darken. Dried persimmon is recommended to be stored in aerated canvas bags or in jars with sealed lids. The main pest for dried fruit is the mole. We can not allow her to leave their larvae. Otherwise, save fragrant sweet exotic fruit is easy.

Dried tangerines will be a wonderful winter harvesting, and by the cold winter months you can make fragrant dried melon and dried apples.