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19 best varieties of radish for open ground


Today it may even seem strange that radishes were previously considered an unusual and overseas vegetable. Some attributed to him the mystical properties, then elevating its capabilities, then presenting it with something frightening and strange.

But in any case, it is worth noting that this vegetable helps to improve memory and enhance immunity, including a huge amount of useful vitamins and minerals.

In order for your harvest to be worthy, and the efforts were not in vain, it is important to choose a variety that will be pleasant to taste, give birth to well and be able to attract attention with its appearance. After all, this product in the future need to be served.

Popular varieties

Especially popular among all varieties are:

  • Heat;
  • French breakfast;
  • Red Giant is a late vegetable. He is special in that his roots can be stored in a cool place for several months. Such a crop ripens in 30-50 days. The name of the variety was due to the size of the radish. The mass of such a vegetable can reach 0.3 kg;
  • Zlata has bright golden color of the fruit with a slightly rough surface. The ripening period is 22-28 days. The average radish weight is 21 grams;
  • Cherry Belle is a great root vegetable, different mild taste. It can be planted from April and the whole summer until September. In this case, the length of the day is completely unimportant for growing. It has a light taste with a little ostrinka.
Radish Zlata

Resistant to bolting

  • Duro;
  • Early red;
  • Rondar F1;
  • Lightning F1;
  • Children's F1.

For planting in open ground

  • Ramtosh characterized by the fact that he is not at all capable of throwing out blooms. Root crop is white and spindle-shaped. The flesh is white and tender with medium-hot taste. The variety is suitable only for planting in open ground;
  • Würzburg A variety can be harvested 30–40 days after planting. The shape of its root is round. Its color is red with a bit of a crimson hue. The flesh of the fruit for a long time retains its taste and does not deteriorate. That is why it is recommended to be planted not only in greenhouses, but also on open ground;
  • Chupa Chups - a variety that looks like lollipops in appearance. Its roots are brilliant and bright. Vegetable is very to taste kids. Since it is not spicy, and even a little sweet. It is recommended to plant seeds in April and May with an interval of ten days, if problems arise with shoots. From one square meter of land you can collect up to 3 kg;
  • Camelot can be planted both in open ground and in the greenhouse. The growing season on average is about 23 days. The flesh is thick and oily. It has a white color. If properly stored radishes, it will retain its taste for a long time;
  • Cherry belle.


  • Red Giant;
  • Icicle stands out among other varieties in appearance. White root, slightly pointed to the bottom in the shape of a cone. In its length, it reaches almost 20 cm. It is pleasant to the taste, crisp and juicy, has a light toy and a rather weak bitterness. The harvest of this variety can be harvested after 25 days, while the presentation of the vegetable will reach after 40 days;
  • Dungan 12/8 stands out among all other varieties of its yield. From one square meter of land, you can get a practical 4 kg yield. Vegetable ripening period - 40-55 days;
  • Würzburg radish;
  • Autumn giant has a white color, oblong shape and pleasant taste. The average weight of one fruit is 80-150 grams. Practice shows that this vegetable is stored and does not dry up for about six months. The ripening period is 25-30 days.

Early maturity

French breakfast

This is an early vegetable, the harvest of which you can literally in 22-23 days.

Early maturity is possible under the condition of suitable weather. This root crop has a raspberry color outside and white color of the pulp inside.

To taste French breakfast has light note of sharpness and bitterness. Many say that it is very juicy radish. The weight of a standard root crop of the average size fluctuates around 15-20 grams.

French breakfast

18 days

A grade of 18 days that becomes clear and under the name, is considered the earliest root vegetable, which is characterized by elongation and cylindrical shape. The average weight of the root is about 18 grams.

The color of the vegetable is pink outside with a white tail. Whereas the pulp is snow-white and dense. According to its taste, radish is distinguished by a weakness of sharpness.

18 days

F1 Firstborn

This is a hybrid variety, the harvest of which can be obtained 18-19 days after planting seeds. The root crop has a bright color of red or even crimson color. The weight of the radish is on average 30-35 grams.

Do not forget also about high yield varieties. With one square meter you can collect about 4 kg of radish. The plant tolerates heat and is resistant to tsvetushnosti.

This variety is recommended to be planted not only in the greenhouse, but also in open ground.

He showed good resistance to bolting. Root is pink and has a whitish tip. The shape of the vegetable is round and beautiful. He also shows great qualities to taste.

Features of radish Heat

Radish Glow refers to the early ripe variety. Fruits ripen about twenty days after the shoot of the plant.

Radish root crop is different roundness and smoothness of its outer side. In color, it is a red vegetable with a slight raspberry shimmer. The mass of radish is medium in size about 30 grams. His flesh is white.


The pulp of a root crop differs in density and juiciness. There is no practical bitterness, although there is a touch of sharpness. The taste qualities of radish Heat is quite high.

You can grow radishes by planting seeds in open soil or under a film coating.

Radishes are usually consumed fresh or added to salads.

Disease resistance

Initially, this vegetable variety was derived for hot countries. That is why the roots better tolerate elevated temperatures, rather than low.

Especially the vegetable afraid of freezing. This variety of radish is distinguished by good protection against various diseases and tsvetushnosti.


  • to get a decent crop you need to choose the right site for planting. In our case, this is the place where the snow most likely melts. Thanks to this, you can get a fresh crop as quickly as possible. The best option would be the ground, different ease and high fertility;
  • All the vegetables and berries, with the exception of the cruciferous family, can become the previous plants that were previously planted on the site;
  • before planting, the soil is necessarily fertilized;
  • most experts advise planting crops in the last decade of April. If something went wrong, you can re-disembark. But this is already a couple of weeks;
  • as soon as the first shoots appear, it is worth regularly loosen the soil;
  • Radish loves soil with high humidity, so do not let the soil dry out;
  • if the crop has grown extremely thick, you need to thin it. The distance between the individual roots should be at least 50 mm;
  • If plants are to be planted in summer, it is recommended to pritenyat the site This is the only way to preserve the taste of a vegetable;
  • In order to grow radishes early in the spring or late in the fall, it is worth using film coatings.

A good harvest is always a lot of effort and labor gardener. And planting radish in this case is no exception. It is important to adhere to all the rules and recommendations that we considered in the article, and then beautiful and tasty root vegetables will decorate your table.