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Characteristics and description of tomato variety Pink Flamingo


Sometimes from gardeners you can hear complaints about a particular variety of tomato. Allegedly, it does not justify the hopes pinned, as a result, it does not produce at all what is said in the description. And the recommendations are good, and there was no decent harvest. All tend to blame their problems on a vegetable variety, natural conditions, or something else, but no one confesses that he has not paid enough attention to the crop. But there are varieties that should be given increased attention, and Pink Flamingo is considered one of these.

Description and characteristics of tomato Pink flamingo

Excellent culture, but has its own requirements for care. Sort medium early, for the first harvest you need a little less than four months.

Plant according to characteristic indeterminant, the height of the bush on average is 120 centimeters. Tomato variety perfectly resists diseases such as late blight, fusarium, tobacco mosaic virus.

Pink flamingo tomatoes can be grown in greenhouse conditions and in open beds.

Fruits are large average weight is from 200 to 400 gramsDifferent plum-shaped forms. Up to seven kilograms of tomatoes can be harvested from one square meter of land. The variety is universal, recommended for use in the preparation of salads, has excellent taste.

The average weight of the fruit of the variety is 200-400 grams

Tomatoes have a good presentation, are well transported, can last up to two months. The plant is obliged by its origin to specialists of selection of Russia, which in 2000 added it to the State Register of the Central region of the country.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The following signs can be attributed to positive qualities:

  • ability to resist diseases;
  • the seeds up to six years can maintain the ability to germinate;
  • excellent taste.

But there are negative points about which should be said separately:

  • crop yield leaves much to be desired;
  • ripe fruit prone to cracking;
  • the duration of adverse conditions tolerate poor tomatoes.
Pink flamingo has a low yield

The description of the tomatoes suggests that the plant needs stable temperature and humidity. For a short time, the bushes can still withstand the vagaries of the weather, but this does not last long.

Requirements for soil for planting

Like other tomato varieties, Flamingo makes many demands on the soil composition, so you have to select a plot for the beds most fertile. Otherwise, it is necessary not to be lazy and to add the necessary amount of fertilizer composition to the soil composition.

The soil should be easy to distinguish, and it would be just great if carrots or legumes were cultivated here before.

Sowing rules

Planting material is necessary disinfect with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Sometimes gardeners use a soap solution as a disinfection. Soil for sowing, too, shed such compositions, then heated to a temperature equal to twenty-five degrees.

Tomato Seeds Pink Flamingo

Sow should in the middle of March, deepening the seeds by two centimeters and leaving the same distance between them. After planting, the soil must be watered, cover the container with plastic wrap to create the desired level of humidity. When the first sprouts begin to appear, the film can be removed.

Watering is carried out regularly, but not too plentiful. At the initial stage of growth, the lighting should not be excessively bright.

The picking of this variety of tomato is carried out without fail. Sprouts should form a pair of leaves.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Transplanted seedlings into the ground in two months, having organized before it hardening. As a rule, this period falls on May.

Overgrowth of bushes is not allowed, blooming seedlings can not be planted. It is very important that the threat of night frost is over.

Planting plantation seedlings - "thirty to seventy" centimeters. Between the rows it is recommended to plant a lupil or alfalfa. Periodically, these plants are mown, they mulch the kidney.

Grade Care

Watering tomato plants is necessary exclusively warm water in the morning or before sunset.
Feeding is carried out two weeks after transplanting the seedlings, using ammonium fertilizer compounds. After this, similar procedures for the entire growing season are performed three more times. The plant responds well to wood ash and chicken manure.

Experienced gardeners recommend forming bushes two trunks, tying them to support pegs, whose height is not less than a meter.

It is recommended to form a bush in two trunks

Shrubs during the period of growth form a large number of stepsons, which should be promptly removed. If this advice is neglected, the stalks of the bush will grow long and thin. When pasting a plant, some fruit tassels should be removed, leaving no more than five pieces on the bushes. This will allow the plant to form large-sized tomatoes and give a good harvest.

Diseases and their prevention

For preventive purposes, beds with tomatoes are necessary. must be treated with chemical compoundsthat are purchased in specialized stores. This will provide an opportunity to create reliable plant protection from diseases.

Harvesting and storage rules

With the onset of the autumn season, you can begin harvesting. In some areas this period lasts until October.
Harvesting pink flamingos can be done with the onset of autumn

Ripe tomatoes perfectly transportedFor this reason, many grow them for sale. In addition, tomatoes ripen perfectly at room temperature, thereby increasing the shelf life.

Culture is demanding to grow, but it will always thank you for its versatility. The taste of tomatoes is excellent, so fresh in their use will be a pleasure.

In addition, tomatoes will become an indispensable ingredient in many salads and snacks. Their large size is not a hindrance to preserve the crop. Pink flamingo is not recommended for tomato juice, as its color is not bright enough.