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Instructions for the processing of potatoes with a tuber shield


Potatoes are considered the main vegetable grown in vegetable gardens. Thanks to this product you can cook a huge number of dishes. Therefore, in order to get a good harvest, potatoes require appropriate rules for their care. Very important in this case is its safety from all sorts of diseases, and of course, from pests. One of the most effective ways to protect will be the use of a drug called Tubershield. Processing is done according to the instructions.

Description of the means

The most common pest for potatoes is considered Colorado beetle. Its harm lies in the fact that striking this vegetable at an early stage reduces the yield by more than half.

In addition, another dangerous pest is considered wireworm. It already affects the tubers themselves, which leads to a loss of the harvest. by 90%.

To avoid this, planting material is treated with special preparations.

Today there is a huge amount of tools to combat potato diseases, as well as pests. A very good drug is considered to be the blister, which allows almost completely eliminate pests and protect against disease diseases.

The main advantages of this tool are that:

  • To be used in any climatic zones, as well as on any kind of soil;
  • In addition, it gives the opportunity to save growing potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae approximately for 2 months. It is during this period that the bush and tubers are formed;
  • Due to its effectiveness, its use will reduce the financial costs of acquiring many other drugs, as well as save time.
Ridding potatoes of pests for the entire period of maturation - one of the most important conditions of care

Instructions for use and processing

The tuber is sold in bottles on 25 and 60 ml. Basically, this amount allows you to process about 60 tubers, approximately get 2 weave, planted potatoes. Before planting, the planting material must be treated with a solution that is prepared according to the instructions.

How to breed protrusion Klubnashchit:

Application rateProcessed culturePestsProcessing method
25 ml (vial) for 0.25-0.30 liters of waterPotatoes - 25-30 kgColorado potato beetle, aphid, scab, wireworm, rhizoctoniosisNeed to handle before planting. The fluid flow rate is 100 ml per 10 kg of potatoes.

To prepare the planting material, it is necessary to initially spread the potatoes on plastic wrap and process the tubers with a spray gun or sprayer.

Planting already prepared potatoes should be carried out immediately.

In addition, this method makes it possible to eliminate the likelihood of the drug on the near-growing cultivated plants. This is due to the fact that when it enters the edible vegetables and fruits of them can not be eaten for 3 months. Since such a period for the collapse of the components of this drug. The same goes for young potatoes.

a brief description of

Klubnashit represents disinfectant for potatoes. Its composition contains KS imidacloprid - 140 g / l, as well as pencycuron - 150 g / l.

His main property is that he does not affect potatoes, but still it is recommended to eat vegetables after three months after processing.

Release form

Tuber is produced in bottles of 25 and 60 ml

This drug is sold in bottles of 25 ml and 60 ml. The amount of the preparation to be treated will accordingly be from 25 to 60 kilograms of potatoes. Since it is necessary to dilute it in the ratio of the amount of contents in the vial for the same amount of water, as well as there are ampoules in 10 ml sachets.

Precautionary measures

Using the drug is to comply with safety measures, as the disinfectant contains toxic substances.

Therefore, while working you can not drink, eat and even smoke. If it so happened that the drug was inadvertently used, then you need:

  • When hitting the body rinse under running water and wash the skin area with soap. After once again rinse your hands well;
  • In case of inhalation, the victim must be put aside to fresh air;
  • As a result of eye contact, it is necessary to do the washing in a quick order; it is advisable to use a water jet;
  • But, if the drug got into the mouth - you need it well rinse and drink activated carbon with the calculation of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight and drink with water, preferably warm. Next, try to induce vomiting reflex.
In case of contact with the body - be sure to rinse this place with water.

When first aid is rendered, it is still worth going to a consultation with a doctor. Due to the fact that there is no antidote to the remedy.


Due to its composition, the blister has a period of validity 60 days from the date of processing them planting material and planting it in the garden.

Due to the fact that the growth period of the potato is 80 days, it is safe to say that this drug protects the potato from the Colorado potato beetle the whole season.

Processed potatoes before planting makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of a disease of the garden product. Also, new tubers are protected from such a pest as a wireworm, which will save the potatoes after harvesting.

Tubering helps protect potatoes for the entire season - from planting to harvest



The tuber is purchased this year, for the first time. Before that he used other drugs, but they did not help much. The tuberiness really helped to get rid of the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle, and the wireworm is almost invisible. A good remedy for all kinds of insects.


I have been using this drug for two years now. The result is really great. Colorado beetles were only a few pieces, probably came to explore, but then disappeared.


Klubnaschit relatively Colorado beetles excellent tool, but, as for the wireworm, he did not go anywhere. As a result, a lot of spoiled potatoes, which is very disappointing.

Oatmeal is considered one of the most effective drugs to combat garden pests, as well as fungal diseases. Due to processing, potatoes can be stored for a long time, without fear of the occurrence of various diseases.